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If you are busy running your business and have decided you do not want to be an expert at website design and website maintenance, you are not alone. We do not perform our own dentistry, we leave it to the experts. If you feel the same way about website maintenance and design, we are here to help you.

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Mountain Coast Design can assist you or your staff with keeping your website up to date and fresh. Whether you need a small change, wordpress updates, blog updates, listing updates, a major change or a full redesign, we can accommodate you!

How We Bill for Maintenance

If the change is small, we will bill you for the time it took to handle your project. Mountain Coast Design does not charge for work we do not do - which means, there are no minimums or time constraints on your project. If your project took 5 minutes, we'll bill you for 5 minutes - not an hour minimum.

For larger projects, we will provide you with a quote so that there are no surprises on your bill when it comes. If you have questions or wish to space out your changes to make them affordable, we can help. Just let us know what you need and you can have it.

What About Other Website Maintenance?

  • Blog Content Writing
    We feel that your company is an expert on your business, which means your blog content should come from you. We will gladly help you add content to your website, but writing that content is really your speciality and should be original, business-centric content. After all, you are the expert at what you do - who better to write content about what you do?
  • Social Media Content Writing
    While we can assist you with setting up social media avenues, we find that maintenance is best done by someone who knows your business inside and out - you! We can certainly help you maintain your social media accounts, but we do not provide content for your site. Need a reference for social media companies? We can point you in the right direction, just contact us.
  • Adult Entertainment Sites
    Due to company policy, we cannot accommodate any adult entertainment or sites of questionable content.

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Website Maintenance

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