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"Web design is simple: Form follows function...but exchanging 'functional perfection' for 'visual atrocity' is a sin".


Located in Fort Collins, Colorado

Mountain Coast Design is located in Fort Collins, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We provide web design, Wordpress template customizations, graphic design, logo design and branding as well as ancillary media such as video and photo.


Karen Roberts Mountain Coast Design was founded by Owner, Karen Roberts after a successful and enjoyable career in internet marketing. Roberts had spent five years listening to the needs of businesses who had paid fortunes for web design, which was incompatible with search engine marketing. Upon release to the marketplace, the new designs failed to be competitive due to the very structure and design that the business had paid to have made! Ms. Roberts, being of practical nature, saw her niche emerge.

Having an internet marketing background, she knew there was an opportunity to intercede. By simply building marketing-friendly websites, businesses could spend less to get more in the long run - just by doing it right the first time. Putting forth effort in active marketing versus continual redesign and dollar-intensive development has offered the MCD clients a proven return on investment. And...we love what we do!
Thanks to the referrals and testimonials of our clients, Mountain Coast Design has remained successful year after year.


About UsTen years from it's inception, Mountain Coast Design still thrives as a web and graphic design firm in Fort Collins, Colorado. We currently build and support sites and design not only in Colorado, but every corner of the USA as well as Canada and Mexico! If you have a design need, feel free to contact us to talk about your project.

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